Scholarship America is Making a Difference in These Student’s Lives

Scholarship America and their corporate partners offer financial support to college students so they can reach their educational goals. Over the past few months, We traveled to six different cities in three different states, documenting the stories of scholarship recipients from Wells Fargo, Houston Livestock and Rodeo and The Mike Rowe Foundation. 

Even in close quarters, the shot isn’t compromised.

Even in close quarters, the shot isn’t compromised.

We’re quick and efficient on these shoots, keeping our crews and equipment minimal without sacrificing production value. We familiarize ourselves with our surroundings, shoot B roll, and cultivate a comfortable vibe with our interviewees so they can be their best selves for us on camera, all in the span of just a few hours. We’re inspired by the young men and women whose stories we’re honored to tell, and by Scholarship America for embodying the mantra, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.

Ryan Grams

Ryan is truly an artisan of the moving image. Whether he's serving as cinematographer, director, editor or all three at once—Ryan’s work reveals an incredible ability to make the intimate feel spectacular and the spectacular feel intimate. From short-films and documentaries to commercials and other branded content.