Need a smile? Hit Play on some feel good content.

Uptop is so jazzed to partner with non-profits who do amazing work making people’s lives better. It’s truly a joy for us to help tell these stories. 

These Good Neighbors do more than bring you a cup of sugar and check your mail while you're on vacation; they repair homes and restore hope for families in need.
You can make someone's day by simply showing love and kindness. It's joy filled moments like these that we'll never forget.

A non-profit community organization that does good in and around the city of St. Paul.

Provides support to families facing the death or medically complex condition of a child.

Provides basic needs to individuals and families struggling to make ends meet in Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, New Hope, Crystal and Plymouth.

We’ve seen the positive impact a true, heartfelt, emotional video can have to spread awareness and encourage financial support for these very worthy groups, and we’re proud of the part we play in opening hearts (and wallets).

Ryan Grams

Ryan is truly an artisan of the moving image. Whether he's serving as cinematographer, director, editor or all three at once—Ryan’s work reveals an incredible ability to make the intimate feel spectacular and the spectacular feel intimate. From short-films and documentaries to commercials and other branded content.