Black Donnellys Indigogo Campaign

We are thrilled to be a part of the campaign to complete the film Black Donnellys, which explores the harrowing true story of the murder of five members of the Donnelly family, Irish immigrants living in Ontario, in 1880. No one was ever convicted of the crimes.

A few weeks back, Joe, Ryan and Timmy spent three days in Canada filming a portion of the film, along with close to 50 other volunteers. It was an inspiring experience, and in addition to his duties as a producer, Joe had a small role. He can’t wait to try out his newly-perfected Irish accent on Friday, while Ryan looks forward to it’s retirement (at least until filming resumes in May).

In all seriousness, we have every reason to believe this project will meet it’s goals and succeed. The making of art is so often a collaborative experience, reliant on many types of contributions. We thank you so much for taking a look, and considering supporting the film and the hard-working, creative people behind it.

Check out the Indigogo campaign here:

Ryan Grams

Ryan is truly an artisan of the moving image. Whether he's serving as cinematographer, director, editor or all three at once—Ryan’s work reveals an incredible ability to make the intimate feel spectacular and the spectacular feel intimate. From short-films and documentaries to commercials and other branded content.