The Crew

Creators of Moving Content


Director of photography/Director

Ryan Grams

Ryan is truly an artisan of the moving image. Whether he's serving as cinematographer, director, editor or all three at once—Ryan’s work reveals an incredible ability to make the intimate feel spectacular and the spectacular feel intimate. From short-films and documentaries to commercials and other branded content.



Joe Kessler 

Joe is a gifted storyteller and communicator. For over 16 years he’s acted in commercials, film and TV, as well as toured the country performing improv and stand-up. His success lies in his ability to connect with an audience, whether it’s an audience of thousands or just one. This translates into an easy-going and relatable directorial style that gets the best from professional actors and non-actors alike—resulting in highly approachable films that connect with audiences everywhere. 



jeff mandell 

Jeff is a production veteran with over 20 years of experience in both New York City and Minneapolis. From large cable networks to small local production companies and from well-known cable series to targeted branded content, he has done it all. Jeff thrives on new ideas and can’t wait to connect with you to turn them into reality.


Editor/Sound Technician

Timmy Schrader

Timmy is a Minneapolis-based filmmaker who has worked in a variety of positions on short films, commercials, tv shows, and more. With a focus on post production, he strives to find creative solutions to bring new life to any project.



Owen royce

Owen Royce is an award winning, Minneapolis filmmaker.  His films Mary and Wayne, Mountain Berry Kool Aid Sunrise The Return, Players,  among numerous others, have consistently played in festivals across the country and received top honors on several occasions.



Our CEO was so tickled with the experience and did her best-ever video with them. She liked how she looked on-screen and she never likes how she looks.
— Janine Fugate, Scholarship America
They are very collaborative.
They see value in client knowledge.
— Phil Gwoke, Bridgeworks
They provide really good direction and give everyone the space needed to do our best.
— Laura Hart, Make-up Artist